Dynamic Collaborative Task Offloading for Delay Minimization in the Heterogeneous Fog Computing Systems

Hoa Tran-Dang and Dong-Seong Kim


Abstract : Fog computing systems have been widely integrated in IoT-based applications to improve quality of services (QoS) such as low response service delays. This improvement is enabled by task offloading schemes, which perform task computation near the task generation sources (i.e., IoT devices) on behalf of remote cloud servers. However, reducing delay remains challenging for offloading strategies owing to the resource limitations of fog devices. In addition, a high rate of task requests combined with heavy tasks (i.e., large task size) may cause a high imbalance of the workload distribution among the heterogeneous fog devices, which severely impacts the offloading performance in terms of delay. To address these issues, this paper proposes a dynamic collaborative task offloading (DCTO) approach, which is based on the resource states of fog devices, to dynamically derive the task offloading policy. Accordingly, a task can be executed by either a single fog or multiple fog devices through the parallel computation of subtasks to reduce the task execution delay. Through extensive simulation analysis, the proposed offloading solution showed potential advantages in reducing the average delay significantly in systems with a high rate of service requests and heterogeneous fog environment compared with the existing solutions. In addition, the proposed scheme can be implemented online owing to its low computational complexity compared with the algorithms proposed in related works.​

Index terms : Data task fragmentation, fog computing systems, parallel communication and computation, task offloading