Performance Evaluation of Disruption Tolerant Networks on Warships’ Tactical Messages for Secure Transmissions

Davi Falcao, Ronaldo Salles, and Paulo Maranhao


Abstract : Disruption tolerant networks (DTN) are an evolutionof mobile adhoc networks (MANET) working in scenarios wherenodes are sparsely distributed, with low density, connectionsare intermittent and end-to-end infrastructure is not accessible.Therefore, DTNs are recommended for high latency applicationsthat can last from hours to days. The maritime scenario hascharacteristics that would justify the use of DTN networks,but the concern with data security is also a relevant aspectin such scenarios. Thus, this paper proposes to evaluate theDTN approach in the maritime Scenario involving warships andhelicopters, for sending tactical messages, taking into considerationsecurity aspects at the perimeters where contacts occur. Weset up a simulation experiment to compare the performance ofEpidemic, Spray and Wait, and Direct Delivery protocols in threescenarios with different sizes. We also propose the application ofdiscriminant analysis as a classification technique to select secureconnections to improve the security of the DTN architecture.​ 

Index terms : Discriminant function, DTN, epidemic protocol, security, tactical messages, warship scenario.