Optimizing Joint Probabilistic Caching and Channel Access for Clustered D2D Networks

Ramy Amer, Mohamed Baza, Tara Salman, M. Majid Butt, Ahmad Alhindi, and Nicola Marchetti


Abstract : Caching at mobile devices and leveraging device-to-device (D2D) communication are two promising approaches to support massive content delivery over wireless networks. Analysis of such D2D caching networks based on a physical interference model is usually carried out by assuming uniformly distributed devices. However, this approach does not capture the notion of device clustering. In this regard, this paper proposes a joint communication and caching optimization framework for clustered D2D networks. Devices are spatially distributed into disjoint clusters and are assumed to have a surplus memory that is utilized to proactively cache files, following a random probabilistic caching scheme. The cache offloading gain is maximized by jointly optimizing channel access and caching scheme. A closed-form caching solution is obtained and bisection search method is adopted to heuristically obtain the optimal channel access probability. Results show significant improvement in the offloading gain reaching up to 10% compared to the Zipf caching baseline. 

Index terms : Caching, channel access, D2D communication, offloading gain.